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    RYC 2023 Photo Contest Russell Moser

Are you thinking about the 2023 boating season? Are you making plans for short or long voyages on our beautiful Penobscot Bay?  If so add one more thing to your "To Do List". Start thinking about those iconic photos you will be taking.

Your favorite photos of 2023 could become part of the First Annual Rockland Yacht Club Photo Calendar.  RYC members will be voting for their favorite photos. We are excited about this project, it will become one of the first activities members can contribute in an online fashion on our new website.  Join the fun! Challenge yourself to improve your photography skills or share that lucky moment when you were in the right place at the right time.

2023 Photo Contest Rules

  • All photos need to have been taken in the 2023 boating season
  • Members will be allowed to upload up to 8 photos
  • Photos upload will start July 1st and go to October 1st, 2023
  • Photos resolution should be considered (see notes on image quality below)
  • Photos in lanscape orientation will work best. If portrait pictures uploaded and selected may be combined with others
  • Photos will have a short description, author and date taken
  • Club members will have the ability to vote on images online between October 1st to November 1st.

Calendars will be on sale for $20 per calendar and proceeds will benefit the club.

Photo contest results to be published by November 5th and calendars available by Christmas. RYC reserves the right to do mild cropping or image exposure adjustment for calendar preparation.

Image quality note:  Pictures for the calendar will likely be enlarged to 6X9" to about 8X10" in size. Take this into account when taking your masterpiece.   If it enlarges on your computer nicely it will probably work well.   If the picture looks very grainy probably not best for this size print out.