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Cruising Along the Maine Coast in Penobscot Bay

Provisioning on the Maine Coast

Provisioning on the Maine coast can be challenging, especially east of Rockland. Here are some recommended places for provisioning:

  • Belfast: Belfast Co-op (in town close to the harbor) and Hannaford (walking distance).
  • Pulpit Harbor: North Haven Market about 3/4 mile from the harbor.
  • Tenants Harbor: Easy walking distance to the harbor. Tenants Harbor General Store.
  • Buck’s Harbor: Buck’s Harbor Market (walking distance from the harbor).
  • Burnt Cove Deer Isle: Burnt Cove Market at the head of Burnt Cove about 2 miles from Stonington.
  • Stonington: Harbor View Store at the docks.
  • Isle au Haut: The Island Store walking distance from harbor.
  • Blue Hill Harbor: Hannaford and Blue Hill Co-op both about a mile from the town which is accessible at high tide.
  • Brooklin: Brooklin General Store. Brooklin General Store.
  • Swan’s Island: The Island Market and Supply about 2 miles from Burnt Coat Harbor also accessible from Mackerel Cove. Tim's Swan's Island.
  • Bar Harbor: Hannaford (in town on the bus route).
  • Northeast Harbor Mt Desert: Pine Tree Market in town.
  • Southwest Harbor: Sawyer’s Market in town and Southwest Foodmart (on the bus route).

For more details, comments, or additions, please contact Ginny Travers.

Anchorage at Round and McGlathery Islands

Round and McGlathery Islands in Merchants Row, south of Stonington, offer secure anchorage and beautiful surroundings:

  • Approaches:
    • From Deer Isle Thorofare, pass close to Crotch Island, turn to port past Rock Island, then south between Bare and Coombs islands.
    • From East Penobscot Bay, keep Crotch Island to port and George Head to starboard, then turn south between Bare and Coombs islands.
  • Anchorage Details:
    • Pull in far enough for island protection.
    • Watch for rocks at low tide, especially on the McGlathery side.
    • Good holding ground, but allow space for current-induced swinging.
    • Morning wakes from lobster boats, except Sundays.
    • Use a kellet if not using all-chain to limit swinging.
  • Exploring:
    • Round Island: Owned by the Nature Conservancy.
    • McGlathery Island: Owned by Friends of Nature, features a beautiful beach on the north side, informal trails marked with pot warp strands.

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Trails on the Maine Coast

Explore the many trails along the Maine coast:

For additional trails or comments, contact Ginny Travers.

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