A Calderwood Weekend

We have found that the escape from day to day busy life feels sometimes like separating two magnets.  Work, outside obligations, chores all tend to draw you back to a feeling of "get it done".  Even when planning a weekend sail there always is a list of things to accomplish, provisioning, packing, who will feed the fish, any packages arriving?

After all the preparation, the dinghy ride and prepping the boat the escape finally arrives.  If we are really lucky, when all the variables are in alignment, conditions like this happen.   We enjoyed at least a 5 mile spinnaker run in 5 knots of wind on flat water.  Awesome!

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed a fun time on Calderwood weekend.   Several other RYC boats were there.   Fantastic sunsets, great hiking and a relaxing time.   Highly recommended destination!