RYC Launch and Mooring Service

Launch service Rockland MaineRYC Launch – ‘GinnieT’

USCG Certified to carry 11 (happy!) passengers

Enjoy Safe, convenient, reliable  seasonal launch service in Rockland Harbor. We also offer mooring rentals in Rockland Harbor. For our members launch service is included in their club dues. For transient yachts the fee schedule is below (and subject to change). We saw a need for our boating community and answered it with an economical safe launch service for boaters in Rockland Harbor.

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RYC Launch 2022 Summer Schedule

*IMPORTANT* NEW HOURS  Mon., Wed., Thurs. 1100 – 1900   Tues. 1200 – 2000 and weekends (Fri., Sat. & Sun.) normal 800 – 2000 through Labor Day weekend. Then weekends only through the weekend of the Maine Rocks Race. Please be aware that earlier sunset times make late operation more difficult…

Contact for launch Hail on CH9 – ‘RYC Launch‘ or cell phone (207) 233-2800

2022 RYC Launch fee Schedule – for Visitors/Transients

  • $ 10 per individual – one way (from mooring to shore, or from shore to mooring) CREDIT CARD ONLY preferred; Square payment system in use.
  • Three fare minimum -one way to North and South ends of Rockland Harbor (South end is an imaginary line running from the cement plant to the Breakwater light. North end is an imaginary line running from the North end of the Coast Guard station to the base of the Breakwater at the Samoset.)

Mooring fee schedule:

  • Nightly moorings $50 per night (includes launch service). They are on a first come first serve basis. Contact 207-233-4190 for placement and payment. 
  • Weekly mooring $225(no launch service included)Paid in advance.
  • Monthly mooring $900   (no launch service included)Paid in advance.
  • Seasonal mooring $1500  (no launch service included)Paid in advance. 
  • Any cancellation must be made no less than 1 day prior to the reserved date to be refunded. No refunds for early departures.

Mooring Contact: call 207-233-4190  This number will ring to the reservation phone on the launch first. If a driver doesn’t pick up, let it ring at least 10 times so the call will be forwarded to the RYC Waterfront Director to take your rental payment.

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