Launch Program Waterfront Director Job Description

The Waterfront Director (WD) is in charge of running the Club’s harbor launch program for the summer season, beginning by June 11th and ending by September 12th. It is preferred but not required that the WD hold a US Coast Guard Mariner’s Credential with a minimum rating of “Limited Master.”

The RYC Waterfront Director (WD) is responsible for:

  • day-to-day operations of the RYC launch program, including relations of the program with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Harbormaster’s Office, the City of Rockland, and other entities such as law enforcement, festivals, and annual events that affect launch service;
  • supervising and training of launch drivers;
  • hiring and termination of drivers with the advice and consent of the RYC Launch Committee;
  • scheduling of drivers to assure that the launch is appropriately staffed, and oversight of drivers to be sure that it is reliably operated;
  • checking each morning that the launch is running as scheduled, and being “on-call” for any problems that arise during the service day;
  • finding drivers to fill in when others can not make shifts and (if WD has USCG credential) driving the launch when other drivers are not available so as to maintain uninterrupted, regular service 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. whenever possible throughout the season;
  • managing the system for renting available RYC moorings during the summer season;
  • collecting payroll information and its timely transmission to the RYC accountant for processing, as well as distribution of paychecks;
  • collecting and maintaining program documents and driver records;
  • timely communication to the Launch Committee of needs for main- tenance, equipment, etc.

It is expected that these activities will take approximately 15 hours per week over the course of the summer season. The WD will keep a log of hours worked and will be paid accordingly @ $18/hour (summer 2021). With a USCG Credential, the WD may schedule him- or herself for two (or possibly three) six- hour shifts driving the launch per week. Time driving the launch will be logged separately and paid at the same rate as other launch drivers.

The WD will meet to confer at least weekly with the Chair of the RYC Launch Committee during the entire summer season. The WD will report to the Launch Committee through its Chair and may at any time request to meet with the full Committee. The WD serves at the pleasure of the Launch Committee.