Launch Driver Shifts

RYC COVID-19 requirements for Launch Drivers:

1. Do not take your shift to drive if you show signs of illness, even if it seems to be only a cold or sore throat. Make arrangements for a substitute driver and do not return unless you are completely better.

2. Do not handle passenger gear. Ask the owner to do so if needed.

3. Masks are optional. Bring your own mask. RYC does not supply them. Wear a mask covering nose and mouth if passengers request that you do so.

4. Tie the launch to the dock between trips and clean the stainless boarding rail with disinfectant spray and a cloth. Likewise, clean any stainless rails passengers may have touched since the launch last left the dock.

5. Use the available hand sanitizer at least once per trip.

6. Due to ongoing coronavirus concerns, the Harbormaster requests drivers use the Clubhouse only for the restroom and to access the galley and launch office upstairs. The (air-conditioned) dock-house at the top of the gangway is being made available as an alternative.