RYC Launch is a ‘go’ …

Good morning, RYC Members,

I am proud to announce that the GINNY T will be placed in service for the coming 2014 boating season.  We went down to the wire in our efforts to meet the goal we had set for ourselves, but we made it!

Thanks go to our Executive and Launch Committee members who spent countless hours to make this a success.  Also, thanks to all of the RYC members who have held in there while the problems and situations were resolved.

Our goal, one that had been described in the first ballot, of $32,000 by April 15, was met.  This gave the Launch Committee the green light to staff, schedule and prepare the launch for the 2014 season.

Concurrently, the ExComm will work on recruiting new members, an effort that has begun with encouraging results.  Also, the committee has been seeking out businesses around the harbor, and within striking distance of the harbor, which might benefit from an association with RYC, and the Launch in particular, and could help to underwrite the cost of the launch.  This effort is in the early stages, but we are all excited with the positive responses to discussions already in progress.

As we know the outcome to these discussions, and as we progress with the launch preparation, I will keep you updated.

All the best to you,

George Sayre – Commodore