For Everyone:

1. Do not use the RYC launch if you show signs of illness, even if it seems to be only a cold or sore throat.

2. Observe and follow all posted signage on the long concrete ramp, gangway, and City Docks, which are under control of the Harbormaster.

3. Maintain awareness of others and respect six-foot social-distancing guidelines when using the docks.

4. All launch passengers shall have their own masks, which RYC does not supply. Masks covering nose and mouth must be worn while waiting for the launch at the dock.

5. Each party will load (or unload) its own gear aboard the launch. Drivers have been instructed not to handle baggage.

6. All passengers must wear a mask covering nose and mouth to board the launch, and the mask must be kept on for the entire trip. All passengers are expected to maintain social distancing while aboard.

7. Each party will register with the driver so that full contact information is gathered in the event that tracing is later required.

8. The launch will carry a maximum of six passengers (total) going to or coming from a maximum of two boats, spaced out so that three persons from the same group are forward and three from the other are aft (or similar depending on the total and grouping).

9. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times on the launch. Passengers are encouraged to use it.

10. Drivers have the authority to enforce these rules and the right to deny service to anyone who does not follow them.