RYC Launch

launchRYC Launch – ‘Ginny T’

USCG Certified to carry 11 (happy!) passengers

Enjoy Safe, convenient, reliable  launch service in Rockland Harbor. In the summer months Rockland Yacht Club operates launch service. For our members it is included in their club dues. For transient yachts the fee schedule is below (and subject to change). We saw a need for our boating community and answered it with an economical safe launch service for boaters in Rockland Harbor.

 RYC Launch 2018 Summer Schedule  Will be posted when the launch starts operation in 2018

Normal Summer Season Hours – daily 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM


RYC Fee Schedule – for Visitors/Transients

  • $ 6 per individual – one way (from mooring to shore, or from shore to mooring)
  • $ 10 for 2 to 4 persons – one way from or to same mooring


Hail on CH9 – ‘RYC Launch‘ or cell phone (207) 233-2800


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