Rockland Yacht Club Mentoring Program

Rockland Yacht Club is dedicated to promoting boating to both the public and to the members of Rockland Yacht Club. In order to continue and enhance this goal RYC is instituting a new mentoring program that will be available to members of RYC. RYC is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of very experienced boaters (both power and sail) who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. The goal of this program is to connect those members who have attained a certain level of expertise and are willing to share it with members who may not be as proficient in certain areas. We have identified several areas of these proficiencies and members who have those skills and are willing to share this experience.

The following is a description of the areas that we have developed to date along with the names of the members who will serve as mentors. As you can see there is no particular blueprint for how this will function, e.g., onboard training, phone consultations, classroom teaching, etc. We hope many of you will take advantage of this new and exciting program.

Women’s Sailing Mentor

The role of the women’s sailing mentor is to provide personal encouragement and problem solving among sailing women. Whether by talking or on-board sessions, the women’s sailing mentor will connect with novice sailors or veteran sailors who have new challenges, listening and providing either knowledge or problem solving strategies to help advance women’s comfort levels aboard. Monthly open forums will be scheduled for all women to attend, and then private sailing coaching or troubleshooting sessions can also be set up. A women’s sailing network may be created of like-minded women who would love to assist one another for improving the sailing experience. (Each year there will be a led women’s sailing mentor, who will do much of the mentoring, but the role of the lead mentor is also to connect women sailors within the club who are interested in helping each other.) Areas of mentoring may include, but are not limited to: first solo sail, mooring, docking, communication with partner, dealing with heeling, dealing with other fears, reefing, racing, and comfort with outboards, diesels, and heads. The group might also initiate a women’s sailing book swap and discussion group to broaden the number of voices. This mentoring is free and available to all women in the Rockland Yacht Club.

Molly  Mulhern

General Cruising Mentor, Shorthanded Coastal emphasis

I envision the mentor’s role as an advisor  to those RYC members who seek some advice and guidance as they pursue their future sailing horizons. Shorthanded coastal cruising by a couple, perhaps involving an overnight passage is, perhaps, the most likely scenario for RYC members short on experience that might welcome mentoring involving planning, preparation, gear choices, safe deckwork practices, watchkeeping, autopilot usage, matching crew experience and capabilities with realistic cruising goals, etc. Initial contact in the form of intentions and questions might be best handled via email contact with followups on board the members vessel.  I expect that the mentor will call on other experienced  RYC members to contribute to queries that arise as there often can be many ways to approach solutions to a need.

Peter McCrea

Although Peter’s 70,000 miles in Panacea includes many voyages with his wife Peggy-including the first Caribbean 1500, a 14- month, 13,000 mile Atlantic Circle, exploration of the Eastern Caribbean chain and a winter in the Exumas and Abacos, the chief sailing adventure that lights his fire is the Bermuda 1-2 which is a solo race from Newport to Bermuda followed by a doublehanded race return.  To date, he has participated in 12 of these classic ocean challenges since 1987 and is eagerly looking forward to the next in 2017.

Sailing Together

Rick and Julie Palm

Rick and Julie have sailed together since 1980, beginning on an Erickson 29 followed by a succession of monohulls. We’ve completed a circumnavigation and ten trips to the Caribbean from the Chesapeake Bay.  But have also enjoyed decades of coastal cruising in the northeastern US and Canada.  In 2014, we made the transition to a catamaran and now enjoy sailing fast, comfortably, and safely on two hulls instead of one. Sailing in rallies like the Caribbean 1500 and the Salty Dawgs have been especially fun for us as we have made friends in the cruising community around the world. Over the years, we have enjoyed teaching new sailors how to prepare to make the leap to go offshore.


The racing mentor program will help with many facets of racing including but not limited to racing in general, sail trim, starting, tactics and strategies, as well as the rules of racing. Patti has offered to take people racing on her J24 if there is space available.

Patti Dinse

Power Boating

Our Power Boat mentoring program offers members individual personal guidance in the following areas.

  • Guidance on changing from sail to power, size, type of boat
  • Power boat maintenance, engines, topsides, bottom, and instrumentation
  • Fuel management, filters, additives, tank cleaning, fuel polishing
  • Piloting, paper charts, electronic navigation, docking, anchoring, mooring
  • Cruising Maine waters, with particular focus on Penobscot Bay and surrounding waters

Bruce Krause

Bruce began his sailing life at age 17 launching his Sailfish in the Jersey surf. This was followed by Lighting, Snipe, Pearson 30, Sabre 34, ownership. He taught sailing for Chesapeake Sailing School in Annapolis. In 1994  he turned to power and owned a series of trawlers and currently operates their Ellis 28 out of Bremen Me. Bruce’s focus and experience is cruising and boat maintenance and ownership. He has also have participated in approximately 130 surveys and sea trials  as a Yacht Broker in Annapolis Md.The names at the bottom are the members who have kindly offered to be the lead position for that topic and coordinate these different programs. We are always looking for other members who would be willing to add their expertise and help out. If you either want to help or would like to avail yourself of these services please contact these members directly.