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Rockland Yacht Club’s Icebreaker Cruise Kicks Off 84th Sailing Season

From Rockland to Seal Bay it was a wonderful start for a new sailing season.

The Rockland Yacht Club announces a successful start to its 84th sailing season. Held annually by RYC, this season’s annual kickoff cruise was hosted by Steve Pierce.

Three boats left Rockland Saturday morning, June 4th, heading for Seal Bay: Webfoot with Dave and Commodore MJ Shiverick and their guests, Dale and Nancy Harrington; Altair with Rick and Julie Palm and Spirits with Steve Pierce and Alan MacDonald. The weather cooperated for the first cruise of the season, with a fresh, but cool wind for the start. As the group headed east, the wind eased, facilitating a leisurely sail from Rockland into the entrance of The Fox Islands Thoroughfare.

Going the long way—around the south end of Vinalhaven and up East Penobscot Bay—the fourth boat, Black Bear with Gary Cran and Norm Farrar, left from Pulpit Harbor and was the last boat to arrive at Seal Bay. Dutch Dresser, leaving Rockland on Koan late in the afternoon, spent the night at Perry Creek.

Saturday afternoon was beautiful and calm at Seal Bay. A work session ensued, as the crews on each boat worked on various projects and repairs. Rick Palm went to the top of Altair’s mast—a Saga 48—to put a nut on its Windex—they noticed it wobbling while sailing. Later in the afternoon, Rick and Julie Palm hosted cocktails, displaying work that was done on Altair over the winter at Lyman-Morse. As might be expected, the work was expertly done, making an already fantastic boat even better!

Early Sunday morning, Black Bear was the first boat to leave Seal Bay. It was another beautiful day and a little warmer than Saturday. Spirits and Webfoot left about 9AM, while Altair waited until later. With a light wind, Spirits and Webfoot motored from Seal Bay and into the Thoroughfare.

Approaching North Haven from Perry Creek, Koan joined Spirits and Webfoot. In company, the three boats continued out the Thoroughfare toward Rockland. Sometime after the PB buoy, the wind came up and allowed the group to finish the cruise under sail. Altair’s later departure paid dividends for them, as they were able to return from the Thoroughfare to Rockland under sail. All things considered, it was a very nice start to the 84th cruising season.

The Fireworks Cruise, July 2-4 off Stonington is RYC’s next cruise—led by Don and Jody Abbott. This cruise was very popular last year. Check the RYC website for more information.

____Written by RYC Publicity Chairman Paul White, re-printed from Points East Magazine, Summer 2011.

Jan 09

Who’s Who at RYC


Commodore – Al Hodsdon – (207) 453-6016

Vice Commodore – Doug Pope – (207) 273-4155

Secretary – Beth Pope – (207) 273-4155

Treasurer – Gary Cran – (207) 594-9435

Past Commodores:

Alan MacDonald – (207) 324-5867

MJ Shiverick – (207) 293 3438

Committee Chairs

Nominating – Mike Sodano – (207) 594-5272

Membership – Helen Kuhl – (207) 236 2202

Hospitality – Judy Turner – (207) 324-5867

Activities –

Robin McIntosh – (207) 236-9702

Doris Smart – (207) 593-9064


Steve Pierce – (207) 975-2833

Don Abbott – (207) 846-969d1


Jesse Henry – (207) 594-9816

Heidi Burden – (207) 749-2954

Planning – Jon Kuhl – (207) 975-2375

Facilities – Bob Spencer – (207) 236-4853

Publicity – Paul White – (603) 498-2952

Web Master – Ed Neisingh -(207) 594 7724

Jan 08

Rockland Yacht Club

The 2012 RYC Calendar of Events!

A terrific Calendar of Events is in process of being planned for 2012! Join us for the Camaraderie, Competition, and Fun of a full Cruising, Racing, and Social Season. RYC events are intertwined with Rockland Community events to make the Rockland Harbor and the RYC Clubhouse a place for yachties to gather all year long!

Click Here for a Complete Calendar of Events – some events have not been finalized, but will be updated as soon as firm dates are known.

via Rockland Yacht Club. – this is the link to the current Rockland Yacht Club site on http://www.rocklandyc.org


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