Aug 28

Labor Day Cruise update

Dear cruisers,
Labor Day! The weather forecast is favorable with light south winds;  showers possible Sunday and Monday.
There has been some negative chatter regarding my choice of  eatery for a group dinner on Saturday evening. After some consideration Melissa and I hit on the idea of having a “picnic” at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary. This could be a potluck. Perhaps we can plan a menu. Ideas are welcome here. There are of course other restaurants so some of you might want to try one, including Dennett’s Wharf.
Jun 10

Icebreaker Cruise 2013 – Seal Bay, Vinalhaven

The weather was pretty bad Friday night and Saturday morning.  I was ready to give up on the Icebreaker Cruise.  Jim Easton suggested we delay until noon when the weather was expected to improve.  Well it wasn’t great, but the rain stopped, the wind let up a little and the seas settled down a little bit.  Intuito and Spirits headed across to Fox Island Thoroughfare with just the jibs flying.  It was kind of bumpy, but we made good time.
Seal Bay was empty and the skies cleared up by the time we got there.  We had snacks aboard Intuito then went to shore for a walk.  Well it was more like bushwacking, but it was interesting.  After supper, Jim and Melissa came over to Spirits for dessert — strawberry shortcake.
We had a nice quiet, calm night; quite the opposite of Friday night in Rockland Harbor.  Spirits got going early on Sunday to get back in time to see the Canadian Grand Prix on TV.  Intuito was more patient and waited for the skies to improve and the winds to pick up.
Thanks Jim and Melissa for a successful, enjoyable cruise.  We’re all looking forward to the 4th of July cruise now.  We got a preview of the 4th of July on Sunday night, watching fireworks which were being sent up from Samoset.

I couldn’t get the photos to load on the RYC site, so I copied the link to the photos on my Flickr page.  I hope it works.