Jun 10

Icebreaker Cruise 2013 – Seal Bay, Vinalhaven

The weather was pretty bad Friday night and Saturday morning.  I was ready to give up on the Icebreaker Cruise.  Jim Easton suggested we delay until noon when the weather was expected to improve.  Well it wasn’t great, but the rain stopped, the wind let up a little and the seas settled down a little bit.  Intuito and Spirits headed across to Fox Island Thoroughfare with just the jibs flying.  It was kind of bumpy, but we made good time.
Seal Bay was empty and the skies cleared up by the time we got there.  We had snacks aboard Intuito then went to shore for a walk.  Well it was more like bushwacking, but it was interesting.  After supper, Jim and Melissa came over to Spirits for dessert — strawberry shortcake.
We had a nice quiet, calm night; quite the opposite of Friday night in Rockland Harbor.  Spirits got going early on Sunday to get back in time to see the Canadian Grand Prix on TV.  Intuito was more patient and waited for the skies to improve and the winds to pick up.
Thanks Jim and Melissa for a successful, enjoyable cruise.  We’re all looking forward to the 4th of July cruise now.  We got a preview of the 4th of July on Sunday night, watching fireworks which were being sent up from Samoset.

I couldn’t get the photos to load on the RYC site, so I copied the link to the photos on my Flickr page.  I hope it works.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/29959549@N06/

Aug 22

The price of lobster, Aug side dish report 23569

Now I am no economist, but I have been watching the sign that Knight Marine has up on Main Street advertising the price of lobster on their dock in the North end going down and down and down, so I might be way off base here, but… it seems to make no sense for our fleet on Tuesday nights to try and pull lobster pots while they are racing!  Maybe the low price forces the diesel powered lobster boats to stay on the moorings and so using a sailboat is the way to go, but what do I know!?

I will tell you what I know… I know that there were 12 boats out this Tuesday having a lot of fun on yet another beautiful night.  We have to take them when we get them!

Ok so now down to business… a couple of things if I may distract your attention:

  • Wow! are we having a great season with the post race Side Dish BBQ Results gatherings!  aren’t they great?!!  Yes they are, which brings me to my next point…… Special thanks to Aaron, (his parents) his lovely wife Coretta, and Robert and Bob for all their work on our behalf, setting up a great friendly fun place for us all to gather post each race….


  • So thank you all for continuing to pop money in the burger and dog jar, and thank you all for (when you do) bringing a side Dish, (shout out to Jim C for some great side dishes!)


  • OK I have a small idea…… let us realize for just a moment that Aaron and those that he has to help are just doing this out of their good graces… so lets MAKE SURE that we help set up, clean up, clean our places when we leave, and continue to help with $$$$ stuffed into the jar….  everyone getting the hint?    Thanks much….
  • What else?
  • Yes Some RYC boats schooled the fleet at the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous… Patti and Ralph and Havoc were missed, (had they come this year there would have been even more schooling given out to the fleet!)
  • Sarah Moore is about to go back to her roots and is moving to Ireland to wax eloquent in Galway Ireland, Drew will be back and forth.  Drew has been practicing by drinking as many Guinesses as he can in prep.  (Sarah just laughs at him)
  • The LS-20’s continue to look good out on the course, Special thanks to Hannah and Bay Sailing for making this work!  Want to try one out?  Click the blue link in the sentence before this one!
  • Images trickling in from the race committee boat, (see attached)
  • Last but not least please see the attached Notice of race for the Worlds Greatest Early September Around Islesboro Race

Ok so that is it for now, other than to say I will see you all this Thursday for the World’s Longest Named Regatta: That’s right The “The Second Annual Rockland Yacht Club-Rockland Community Sailing Scholarship Keelboat Regatta” is scheduled for this Thursday, (tomorrow) see you there.

Around Islesboro Race Notice_2012