Jul 15

Swimmer training for Catalina Channel swim to cross Penn-Bay

On August 18 or 19, 2014 our friend Jeremy Goulder who is training for a swim across the Catalina (CA) Channel will attempt a swim from either Pulpit harbor (N. Haven) or Bartlett Harbor (N.Haven) to Rockland Harbor Park.  This a step in his training for an eventual swim across the English Channel.  INTUITO plans to be in attendance of this crossing, providing support.  Jeremy will be accompanied directly by a kayaker.

We would like to have a few boats spread out across to bay to monitor the route for hazards and to warn other boaters away from his immediate location.  If you will be available to help Jeremy have a successful experience please contact Jim Easton.

This is an opportunity for positive publicity for the club.

May 29

Rockland Yacht Club Nautical Flea Market & Open-House


Rockland Yacht Club Nautical Flea Market & Open-House

 Rockland, ME. — Rockland Yacht Club (RYC) will hold an Open House and concurrent Nautical Flea Market on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the RYC clubhouse, located at the Public Landing (center harbor), Rockland. Open to the general public (9AM—2PM), this event will be staffed by RYC Members and refreshments will be provided.

Open House—June 14th

Hosted by Jody Abbott—Cruising Co-Chair and Doris Smart—Activities Director, anyone interested in boating activities along Mid-Coast Maine is invited to drop by from 9AM to 2PM. Representatives will be on hand to discuss RYC’s many programs and services, including:

  • PHRF Racing,
  • Youth Sailing Program,
  • Cruising—week long and weekend sailing excursions,
  • Cultural exchange programs with other Penobscot Bay area yacht clubs and World cruisers,
  • Membership—RYC Members enjoy a number of fun activities, including:
      • A half-dozen organized cruises (including Nova Scotia),
      • An active and extensive racing program,
      • Multiple social gatherings—Spring Fling, Lobster Picnic, Christmas Party,
      • And the informal camaraderie of get-togethers, cook-outs, pot-luck dinners, and full use of the clubhouse—conveniently located at the Public Landing,
      • Unlimited use of the RYC Launch operating from the Public Landing, providing drop-off and pick-up services from most popular marinas and restaurants during season—June to mid-September.

Nautical Flea Market—June 14th

With proceeds benefitting RYC programs, gently used and new nautical gear will be available for purchase by anyone attending. Nautical items offered are expected to include: rigging, marine instruments, shackles, blocks, cleats & fasteners, dinghies, books, etc. The RYC clubhouse will be open for Flea Market donations on June 13th.

Clothing samples featuring the RYC logo will also be on display and available for purchase.

About Rockland Yacht Club

RYC is an enthusiastic, community minded yacht club intent on preserving and growing the boating presence on beautiful Penobscot Bay. The RYC was founded in 1927 as a community yacht club supporting activities in the Rockland area. Presently there are about one hundred seventy-five members representing about eighty boats. The club sees itself as a relaxed, informal group of boaters.

 For more information, please contact:

Paul White, RYC Press Secretary, 603-329-7064, pwmail@comcast.net

Learn More About RYC, visit:

Visit: http://rocklandyachtclub.org/

Apr 16

RYC Launch is a ‘go’ …

Good morning, RYC Members,

I am proud to announce that the GINNY T will be placed in service for the coming 2014 boating season.  We went down to the wire in our efforts to meet the goal we had set for ourselves, but we made it!

Thanks go to our Executive and Launch Committee members who spent countless hours to make this a success.  Also, thanks to all of the RYC members who have held in there while the problems and situations were resolved.

Our goal, one that had been described in the first ballot, of $32,000 by April 15, was met.  This gave the Launch Committee the green light to staff, schedule and prepare the launch for the 2014 season.

Concurrently, the ExComm will work on recruiting new members, an effort that has begun with encouraging results.  Also, the committee has been seeking out businesses around the harbor, and within striking distance of the harbor, which might benefit from an association with RYC, and the Launch in particular, and could help to underwrite the cost of the launch.  This effort is in the early stages, but we are all excited with the positive responses to discussions already in progress.

As we know the outcome to these discussions, and as we progress with the launch preparation, I will keep you updated.

All the best to you,

George Sayre – Commodore

Aug 28

Labor Day Cruise update

Dear cruisers,
Labor Day! The weather forecast is favorable with light south winds;  showers possible Sunday and Monday.
There has been some negative chatter regarding my choice of  eatery for a group dinner on Saturday evening. After some consideration Melissa and I hit on the idea of having a “picnic” at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary. This could be a potluck. Perhaps we can plan a menu. Ideas are welcome here. There are of course other restaurants so some of you might want to try one, including Dennett’s Wharf.