Jun 20

Crew Wanted/ Available

Judy Bernier has raced with community boating on the Charles River. She is interested in racing and cruising. jbernier5201@gmail.com  617-291-0445

Joe LeVigne has taken an Apprenticeshop sailing course. He is interested in racing and cruising. jlevigne@gmail.com 491-0496

Kip and Kathi Cleaver have owned a 30′ catamaran and now have a Com-Pac 23. They have extensive cruising experience on Long Island Sound and Florida. They are interested in mostly day sailing cruises. kip16917@gmail.com 774-286-9107

Tim Woodworth has skippered the Sabre 28 VOYAGEUR in Rockland for 10+ years. He has done extensive cruising in Pen Bay and Down East, the Maine Rocks Race 2015, and the ARC Caribbean 1500, and is a former Outward Bound Instructor. tim.woodworth@outlook.com  207-230-9715

Pippa Stanley is working for a boatbuilder, and is interested in racing and cruising. She has done some dinghy sailing. 1pippa@gmail.com  449-0778

Jeff Harrop is a beginner at sailing, currently taking classes at the Apprenticeshop. He is interested in racing or cruising. jharrop@hotmail.com 202-445-0763

Janet Martucci has sailed with friends on a 42′ replica cargo ship, a pinky schooner and briefly owned a leaky Lightning she sailed once. She loves the water but has little experience, follows instructions. martucci@fairpoint.net  845-2857


Jun 11

Awesome mooring available summer 2017, north end, close to Apprenticeshop


Windquist, Cape Dory is on the hard and will sell this summer.  Her mooring, with double pennants, recently replaced ground tackle & professionally maintained by Dallas Fields, is available for short-term, daily, weekly rental. 4000 lb. stone good for up to 35′ vessel, depending on specs. Please contact @ linklind@yahoo.com.  Payments will be processed through PayPal, a donation to RYC at the end season, please spread the word and thanks!  Lindquist Peter 446-1751

Apr 14

Cruising Updates

Check out the summer cruise schedule under Club Cruises. Kevin and Frederique O’Keeffe are coordinating our summer cruise — watch for emails from them, or simply send them your ideas. I’ve also started a new feature under Club Cruises, called “Favorite Harbors” — write up a description of your favorite harbor, send it to me, and I’ll post it!

Aug 17

Lunch at Lincolnville

Thinking of pulling into Lincolnville?  Do it!

We easily picked up a mooring and went ashore for a nice lunch at McLaughlin’s. There is ample dinghy tie-up at the dock adjoining the ferry terminal. The mooring field shallows rapidly from 60 to 15 feet; best to grab the big yellow mooring that says, “be our guest.” Information in the “Cruising Guide” is a little outdated.